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I am over the moon that this past hackathon happened on July 10th. It is a crazy feeling to have an idea and 2 months later see it manifest. It would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of my family, our knowledge partners, my fellow organizers, and our technology partners who provided financial and technical support.

We ended up with 44 registrants living across the world including Italy, Honduras, South Korea, Morocco, India, Spain, the United States and others. This lead to 6 phenomenal project submissions. There were 4 tech partners and 7 awards making a total of $15,000 USD available to participants.

The feedback was that the event was seriously impressive and I can’t agree more. In only 48 hours we were able to collaborate and build technology with compassion as the moral foundation of our work. See the project submissions here:

Amazing Results from July 10, 2020

Original Post

I’m a hackathon enthusiast. I’ve done 9 hackathons in the past 3 years. This will be my 10th and my 1st as an organizer. I love hackathons for the same reasons you do: working alongside brilliant developers from around the world, building things I’ve been thinking about for awhile, learning the deeply technical aspects of the newest tools by the developers who built them, competing and of course winning.

This hackathon is special because it brings together a unique demographic of hackers: highly skilled cryptography and web3 developers, researchers, and designers who want to build compassionate technology. Technology is compassionate when it is designed to efficiently solve human problems by producing widespread social and economic value. The best developers I know in the blockchain/web3 space want to build software of this magnitude.

So this is the event to kick it off. A 48-hour virtual hackathon (currently invitation only) taking place on Zoom on July 10th, 2020. Participants will receive a personal invitation to join and push the boundaries of our current web3 implementations.

Sponsors will offer cash awards to support the developers ranging from $1k to $10k, and more importantly will offer their developers’ time in highly technical AMAs so that we can pick their brains and provide pertinent feedback on their platforms.

My expectation is that everyone involved in this event (1) is participating because of a motivation to make the world a better place, and (2) agrees to be compassionate to each other and to themselves at least for the duration of the event, in other words “be excellent to each other”. If either of these does not exactly resonant with you, this event is not for you, and that’s ok—there are tons of other awesome hackathons out there. Otherwise, get ready for an exhilarating weekend!

Finally, my hope is that this event will inspire you to work on open source projects, build companies, or hire people that create more compassion in the tech industry. For more info, or if you would like to be a sponsor, feel free to connect with me any time.

Be well,